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Argumentative Vs Persuasive Homework Essay

There difference between persuasive and argumentative essay is very small and hence a lot of students find it difficult to differentiate the two essays. The same problem is experienced by mathematics students thus end up buying math homework help. This is a serious challenge that has seen a lot of students to score poor grades on their essays papers despite the fact that they wrote quality essays.  These students should, however, never be worried since we will outline the major difference between argumentative and persuasive essay in a systematic manner using their main components. Luckily, through regular practice and guidance, the students will be able to understand the difference between the two types of essays hence producing premium essays that will be awarded excellent grades.

Introduction to the Essays

The two types of essays have different approaches for writing the introduction chapter. For instance, the writing of a persuasive essay should be kicked off by identification of a topic and choose the side of the topic to discuss while an argumentative essay should present the topic of the essay and based on the findings of the research decide whether to oppose or propose the topic under discussion.

The Function of the Essays

slide_2The two essays have distinct purposes. The persuasive essay should convince the readers to agree with your opinions while argumentative essays present evidence that will help the readers to acknowledge the validity of your arguments. Additionally, the argumentative essays do not sell ideas while persuasive essays sell the ideas of the author to the readers.

Writing Techniques of the Essays

The two essays are written using distinct techniques that will enable them to meet their specific objectives. The persuasive essay uses both emotions and facts to persuade the readers to agree with the writer’s opinions while an argumentative essay uses statistical data from comprehensive research that will prove to the readers that the arguments of the writer are justifiable. Secondly, while a persuasive essay is based on emotions, the argumentative essay is founded on logic. Argumentative essays present both the supporting and opposing ideas of the topic of the essay in addition to comparing the ideas to establish a position to take. On the other hand, persuasive essays have no opposing claims since it presents only the information that will help the writer to establish his position. Finally, as a persuasive essay presents ideas without evidence, an argumentative essay is founded on evidence which will help the readers to come to an agreement with the writer.

Tone of the Essay

The two essays have different tones that facilitate their achievement of their objectives. The persuasive essays use a tone that is more aggressively and emotional while an argumentative essay uses an ease tone that will help the readers to agree with the writer’s point of argument.