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Understanding a research paper assignment

Understanding a research paper assignment

Everyone has had this instance where you have attempted to read a research paper but have been frustrated by the dense write up with unfamiliar or technical terminologies.Writing, reading and understanding a research paper is a skill each student must learn. It will contribute greatly to success in their careers later on after school. Just like any other skill it requires patience, frequent practice and dedication to learn. When reading a research paper take short notes while taking note of the key points. Read on other papers related to the one you are reading as they will help you understand some details. Do not get tired of re-reading one article over and over again. This assignment help assists in better understanding as well as assists the reader pick out important details one had not noticed before.

Knowing what category your research paper is in helps in better understanding .This is because a reader has a clue of what to expect before even reading it. The categories include the following;

  • Descriptive research – Involves data collection through surveys, questionnaires, interviews or observation. Through this research new theories and ideas are generate. It best describes things the way they are.
  • Experimental research – Experiments are conducted. They confirm or approve the experimental hypothesis. Hypotheses guide this kind of research.
  • Casual-comparative research- the cause-effect relationship between two or more groups is identified through this kind of research.
  • Correlational research- it tries to find out how related two or more variables are. The relationship is expressed as correlation coefficient.
  • Historical research- processes involved are understanding, study and explanation of past events leading to conclusions about occurrence of past events.

assignmentThe definite methodology develop in every research article is another thing that helps one understand it. An abstract that summarizes the study for you is the first thing you encounter in most articles. In the introduction the problem or question study is defined. Related research may be reviewed and even assumptions of possible outcomes stated. In the methods and procedure section, researchers explain how their problem were studied, what equipment used, statistical designs used, who were the subjects, criteria used to select subjects etc. The research findings are in the results section. This section is the key interest of all readers. The findings are the explained in the discussion and conclusions section. Some people prefer ignoring the abstract first and going through the whole paper at first. This helps in gauging whether it relates with what the writer said in the paper and your interpretation of the paper.